Living in Kenya you know how hard it is to get a job, especially if you are a recent graduate or are a student. However the internet has made possible work from home opportunities; where individuals, businesses and companies can outsource, offshore, their projects to you. You work on a project to project basis or as a full-time freelancer. Online jobs ideal for Kenyans who are starting out in the job market, who wish to gain experience or learn a new skill or are looking to supplement their income.

This blog is a free guide on online jobs for Kenyans. It is aimed at making you a success in your endeavor to be employed and earn a decent living. It guides you, through simple steps, on the core areas you need to pay attention to in order to be successful.

Jul 062012
Working from Home 101: Online Jobs for Kenyans

 [If you are looking for a quick guide to get started – check out this post] Working online Let me begin with a caveat. I’m not an expert on making money online. Nor do I wish to come across as one. I have been gainfully (un)employed for almost 2 years. In those two years I’ve learned a lot about the dos and don’ts of finding and sustaining an income from working online. It’s that experience that I wish to share with you. Hopefully, you’ll duplicate my successes and learn from my mistakes. Online Jobs for Kenyans Online jobs have been around for many years and the opportunities for online jobs for Kenyans continue to steadily grow every day.  Basically online jobs are jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home. Hence work-from-home tag. They are also known as freelance jobs. In truth not all freelance jobs are […]

Jul 062012
Safe Online Jobs Search for Kenyans: 3 Rules of Thumb

As stated in my last post, online jobs can be both rewarding and challenging. The biggest challenge for a student looking for an online job is the fact that the internet is unregulated. As such it’s littered with millions, yes millions, of sites that are looking to scam you: And these sites pose as legit business opportunities. If you follow the following three rules, it’s unlikely you’ll fall for a scam. Remembers it’s usually those that wish to make a quick buck that often play into the hands of unscrupulous individual.  These rules are to be considered as broad guidelines, when you come across a site that asks you to break them, take a moment and pause. Sleep over it. Take baby steps. Whatever you do, please don’t rush in headfast! 1.     Don’t Pay a Dime If you happen to come across a website that offers multiple job opportunities […]

Jul 112012
Online Job Marketplaces: An Introduction

[updated July 2015] …share with you where I have found jobs online: online job marketplaces. Online job marketplaces are sites where, as a student, you can find online jobs as a freelancer or as a contractor. Usually you’ll get hired on a project to project basis, but you may also find long term work.  The top 5 most popular online job marketplaces are: oDesk (May 2015 re-branded to UpWork) (this site merged with, Freelancer, Elance and Guru. Clients and Contractors These websites work by bring together clients and contractors or “buyers” and “sellers”. On one hand are individuals or businesses looking to outsource a project, and this could be anything from answering emails or data entry to MySQL database management or WordPress custom theme creation: the list is endless.  These are the “buyers.” They are also know as clients or employers, depending on the specific website. I prefer […]

Jul 172012
Finding a Niche Market; 3 Step Process.

Niche Market n.:   a specialized and profitable part of a commercial market: a narrowly targeted market. If you read last week’s blog post, which you should, you’ll remember that I asked you to do two things. One was to create an account in each of the following sites: oDesk, vWorker, Freelancer, Elance and Guru. and secondly to think of 3 types of jobs or 3 different niche areas that you’d like to get into. This article is to show you how you can determine which of those online jobs niche areas is profitable and can bring you a sustained income as a student. Spending some time to choose the right market one of the most important decision you’re going to make and it will determine your success in these online marketplaces. I find that a lot of contractors on these sites do not market to a niche. He’s a sample […]

Jul 202012
Creating a Great Online Job Profile; 4 Steps You Need To Take

If you have already registered on the various sites I’ve recommended, then you’ll have noticed that they provide you with the ability to create your own profile, which is like your very own CV or resume. A lot of providers register on these online marketplaces, add a profile picture and a couple of lines about what they do, and then start submitting proposals. If you’re one of those people then you’ll find it very hard to be successful on these sites. Your profile is an extension of, and works in conjunction with, your proposals; clients will be reading your profile to get a better understanding of you and your work, so you need to take some time on it if you intend to make money working from home. If you’ve ever written a resume or CV before then you know that you have to put a bit of effort into […]

Jul 242012
Selecting the Online Jobs to Apply For: Part I; Your Ideal Client

Online Job applications take time, a lot of it. Half of the time you’ll spend on online job sites will be writing job applications, so you need to use this time efficiently. It’s important that you select the right job to send in an application so that you can avoid spending time writing a cover letter or proposal and getting nothing out of it. Two things you should take into consideration when deciding which jobs are ideal for you: clients and job description. You need to know who your ideal client is and whether the job is ideal for you. Generally you’re doing both at the same time, checking whether the job is ideal for you and if the client is your ideal client. Today I wish to focus on knowing and finding your ideal client. There are clients that you need to actively pursue and there are others that […]

Jul 242012
Selecting the Online Jobs to Apply For: Part II; Job Description

Project descriptions should tell you all that’s expected of you, but they rarely do. But they can also tell you so much about the client and what you should expect if you a hired. In fact a good job description tells you straight away client’s intentions and preferences. Good job descriptions are complete and thoroughly written. They are written in a courteous, informative, explanatory way. They also follow a certain tone that you need to mirror in your application. More on that next week… What to look for in an online job description. 1. Budget The first question you need to ask yourself is, is the project budgeted according to your expectations? You should have a minimum amount that you are willing to be paid. For instance, if you’re a writer you may have a minimum of $5 per article. If a job does not meet this minimum then… Having […]

Apr 112013
Online Jobs in Kenya; Getting Started

In the past 6 months that I’ve been blogging about online jobs in Kenya, the question I get asked most often is how do I get started. My usual reply is, begin at the first post and follow the steps outlined in each post. However, I do realize that, normally, a student’s life is a busy one. You have a lot to do in your academic endeavors and you’re looking for a quick guide to getting online jobs in Kenya.  I’m glad to oblige you. Let me share with you the 5 steps you need to take to get started working online. Keep in mind that this process should take you about 10 hours to complete – budget your time accordingly. Online Jobs in Kenya: Quick Start Guide. 1. Join an online marketplace. The most popular online job marketplaces are,, or With the exception of […]

Oct 102013
How to apply for an online job

This is a machine gun. And if you read this post to the end, you are going to find out why it holds the key to your success in getting hired. By now you should have: 1. Joined an online marketplace. 2. Found a niche market. 3. Created your profile. 4. Found a job and the ideal client that you would like to work for. If you have yet to complete any of the above 4 steps, STOP. Continuing to read this post is an exercise in futility. Take all of the above steps and then read on. Your Aim Your proposal or application for a job is a deal breaker. A well written proposal will get you 70% of the jobs. Basically clients have two (2) question when reviewing a proposal.  1. Does the applicant have the expertise to complete the project? 2. Can the applicant complete the project […]